A question about you draw it?

New domain, new name

Yeah, we just change udraw.it to youDraw.it.

It's doesn't work on my computer, do you have an idea?

We recommend to update your favorite browser and activate if it's not already done javascript.

How does it works?

Without log in, you will have no options, you can just drawing with only one brush and color just by clicking and dragging something in the you draw it's homepage, and if you invite someone to this page, you will see what does it do in your browser in real time. By login, you will have access to a lot of tools and options for free. Take a look to the guided tour to know more.

I can't login, can you help me?

Sure, we recommend to login via Facebook or Google+ directly, from the home page. If you don't have a Facebook or Google+ account, you have to login in the you draw it website.

Which version of this whiteboard is actually?

It's the alpha version of you draw it and we work on it day after day to do it better.

Which technology do you use?

youDraw.it is build with node.js and some html5 api, hosted on the cloud.

An other question?

You can contact us directly, and we respond you as soon as possible with pleasure.